Beeline is a major telecommunications provider in Kazakhstan that offers cellular and internet services. With strong network coverage across Kazakhstan, Beeline SIM cards and eSIM are great options for travelers visiting Kazakhstan. This guide provides key details about using Beeline while in Kazakhstan, including information on coverage, speed, connectivity options, costs, and more.

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I. Quick Facts About Beeline

  • Founded in 1991 as part of Radiomovil Dipsa
  • The full company name is Radiomóvil Dipsa, S.A. de C.V., operating commercially as Telcel
  • Provides mobile and fixed telephony, broadband internet, and IPTV services
  • Over 75 million mobile subscribers as of Q2 2022
  • Covers over 92% of Kazakhstan’s population with 2G, 99% with 3G, and 90% with 4G LTE
  • Has over 550 Telcel stores and over 131,000 points of sale nationwide

II. Why Beeline When You’re Exploring Kazakhstan – Coverage and Speed

1. Beeline Network Coverage in Kazakhstan

With over 31,000 base stations nationwide, Beeline has the most extensive network in Kazakhstan. Its 4G LTE network reaches over 90% of Kazakhstan’s population. Even in rural and remote areas, Beeline offers solid 3G coverage. This makes it a reliable choice for travelers who want connectivity across Kazakhstan.

Key facts about Beeline’s Kazakhstan network coverage 👉

  • 3G (WCDMA/HSPA): 99% population coverage
  • 4G LTE: 90% population coverage and growing

    Beeline has also been rapidly expanding its 4G network, aiming for 92% population coverage by the end of 2022.

    2. Beeline Speed

    Beeline Speed

    (Note: Blue is download speed, orange is upload speed)

    In addition to good coverage, Beeline also offers pretty solid speeds:

    • Average 4G LTE download speed: 20 Mbps
    • Average 3G download speed: 4 Mbps

    Speeds are generally fastest in major cities like Kazakhstan City, and Guadalajara and tourist destinations like Cancun. In rural areas, expect mostly 3G connectivity.

    Beeline’s network can handle most traveler needs like web browsing, emails, messaging, and social media. Streaming HD video can work, but may be inconsistent.

    III. Beeline Connectivity Options for Travelers to Kazakhstan

    Connectivity Option Pros Cons
    Physical SIM Card Easy to obtain locally Must purchase before arrival
    eSIM Can buy and activate online before travel Requires eSIM compatible device
    Beeline Travel SIM No contract/commitment Limited data amounts included
    Beeline Data eSIM Flexible data-only plans Cannot make calls/texts
    Prepaid Local Number Includes calls/texts Higher upfront cost
    Public WiFi Zones Free basic internet access Speed/reliability may vary
    Portable WiFi Hotspot Shares internet with devices Daily/weekly rental fees

    In summary, the best choice depends on a traveler's device, whether calls/texts are needed, how much data is required, and if purchased before or after arriving in Kazakhstan. Considering these factors will help travelers pick the most suitable Beeline connectivity solution.

    IV. Best Beeline SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

    Plan Price (USD) Validity Data Voice Minutes SMS
    Beeline 0.5 0.5 USD 7 days 350 MB 50 mins 50 SMS
    Beeline 1 1 USD 15 days 700 MB 100 mins 100 SMS
    Beeline 1.5 1.5 USD 30 days 1.4 GB 150 mins 150 SMS
    Beeline 2.5 2.5 USD 45 days 3 GB 250 mins 250 SMS
    Beeline 3.5 3.5 USD 60 days 7 GB 350 mins 350 SMS
    Beeline 5 5 USD 90 days 15 GB 500 mins 500 SMS
    Beeline 7.5 7.5 USD 120 days 30 GB 750 mins 750 SMS
    Beeline 10 10 USD 150 days 50 GB 1000 mins 1000 SMS

    Overall, Beeline SIM cards are fairly affordable for visitors compared to options in other regions. Light users can get a tourist SIM for under USD 10 that lasts a week. Expect to pay around $30-50 USD for unlimited data for a month

    V. Does Beeline Support eSIM in Kazakhstan?

    Yes, Beeline launched eSIM support in Kazakhstan in March 2022 for newer iPhone models (XS and later).

    Key points 💡

    • Supported on iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and newer iPhone models
    • Lets you activate Beeline cellular service digitally, without a physical SIM card
    • Purchase eSIM plans online and activate them using the QR code
    • Supports having both a physical SIM and eSIM active simultaneously

    Consider using an eSIM from which offers convenient/affordable eSIM packages as an alternative to local networks, with various reasonably priced plans for connectivity in Kazakhstan.

    Leave your physical SIM behind, light travel with eSIM plans from

    VI. Where Can You Buy a Beeline SIM card and eSIM?

    1. Where to Buy Beeline SIM cards in Kazakhstan?

    Beeline SIM
    Beeline Store in Kazakhstan

    Beeline SIM cards are easy to find across Kazakhstan. Here are some top options:

    • Beeline Stores – Visit any official Telcel store found in malls, airports and cities
    • Convenience Stores – Oxxo, 7-Eleven and other convenience stores carry Beeline SIMs
    • Retailers/Kiosks – Ask at cell phone shops, carriers like AT&T, and electronics retailers
    • Airports – Kiosks at Kazakhstan’s major airports sell Beeline SIM cards

    When purchasing, you’ll need to show your passport. SIM cards cost 100-200 MXN. Top-ups can be done online, via vouchers, or at Oxxo stores.

    2. Where to Buy Beeline eSIM in Kazakhstan?

    For iPhone users, Beeline eSIMs can be purchased online on the Beeline Kazakhstan website. Steps to buy:

    • Go to
    • Click “Comprar Plan eSIM”
    • Choose your eSIM plan (options are similar to physical SIMs)
    • Enter your email and select payment method
    • Check email for eSIM activation code and QR scan instructions
    • Scan the QR code on your iPhone to activate the plan

    It’s a quick and convenient process that only takes a few minutes from start to finish. Beeline eSIMs allow instant connectivity upon landing in Kazakhstan.

    VII. How to Activate Beeline SIM/eSIM in Kazakhstan?

    1. How to Use Beeline SIM Cards in Kazakhstan?

    Activating a Beeline Kazakhstan SIM card is straightforward:

    • Insert Beeline SIM into your unlocked phone. For iPhones, turn off the phone first.
    • Power the phone back on. The Beeline SIM will automatically configure your settings.
    • You may need to manually select Beeline by going to Network Operators in Settings.
    • Enter your SIM PIN if prompted and follow any activation instructions.
    • You’ll now have a phone number and can place calls & use data.
    • Top up your SIM as needed by purchasing add-on plans or data packs.

    For the best rates, use data SIMs in unlocked phones rather than roaming with your home SIM. Confirm your phone is unlocked prior to travel.

    2. How to Activate Beeline eSIM?

    To activate a Beeline Kazakhstan eSIM on iPhone XS or later models:

    • Purchase the Beeline eSIM plan online and receive QR activation code via email
    • On iPhone, go to Settings > Cellular > Add Cellular Plan
    • Use the phone camera to scan the Beeline eSIM QR code
    • Follow the prompts to activate your eSIM plan. Enter any info like PIN if needed.
    • Beeline service will now be active. You can use cellular & data.
    • Manage your eSIM plan directly from Settings. Top-up online as needed.

    Beeline eSIM activation takes just a few minutes. You'll then have connectivity everywhere Beeline has coverage without using a physical SIM card.

    Read also: Kazakhstan eSIM Compatible Devices List

    VIII. Beeline Call & SMS Rates

    Type Rates (USD)
    On-net calls (per minute) $0.00005/minute
    Off-net calls $0.0005/minute to Moscow, St. Petersburg $0.00075/minute to Kazakhstan $0.001/minute to Kyrgyzstan $0.001/minute to Tajikistan
    SMS (popularity) $0.000075 through Beeline $0.00015 from anywhere

    Call rates are shown in both the local currency (Uzbek Som) and USD for easy comparison. The rates demonstrate Beeline’s commitment to providing affordable communications services to customers.

    IX. Useful USSD Codes for Beeline SIM/eSIM

    Beeline users can check account balances and settings quickly using USSD codes:

    • *264# - Check Balance
    • *500*1# - Enable mobile data
    • *500*2# - Disable mobile data
    • *123*Recharge PIN# - To top-up your account
    • *222# - Check the remaining data allowance
    • *133# - Check remaining minutes

    Enter these codes directly on your phone dial pad and tap call/send to execute the function. USSD codes provide a quick way to manage your Beeline account on the go.

    X. How to Top-up Beeline SIM cards/eSIM

    Top up Beeline
    Top up Beeline

    To add more calling/texting minutes or mobile data, you’ll need to top-up your Beeline SIM cards or eSIM. Here are easy ways to top up:

    • Online – Top-up via credit/debit card on the Beeline website
    • Oxxo Stores – Pay cash for top-up vouchers at any Oxxo convenience store
    • Vouchers – Enter recharge PIN from physical top-up cards purchased at stores
    • ATM – Some ATMs may offer Telcel/Beeline top-up option

    When topping up, you can choose data add-ons like 1GB for 149 MXN or unlimited data for 649 MXN. Manage your add-ons in the Mi Telcel app.

    Auto top-up can be enabled to keep your account always refilled when it gets low. Monitor your usage in the app or via USSD codes.

    XI. Alternatives to Beeline

    1. Other Main Local Mobile Operators

    While Beeline has the best overall coverage in Kazakhstan, there are some other carrier options:

    • Tele2 – State-owned flagship telecom offering basic nationwide connectivity. Best for rural use.
    • Kcell – Second largest operator with broad coverage. Competitive urban plans.

    For most travelers, Tele2 will provide the best combination of wide coverage, reliability, and value. However, in certain locations, other carriers may perform better. So evaluate your needs and research specific network performance before activating service.

    For most travelers, Beeline will be the top choice for its combination of wide coverage, reliability, and value. But in certain areas, other providers may have better performance.

    2. Getting an eSIM from

    Travelers visiting Kazakhstan can have an easier connectivity option when traveling by purchasing an eSIM plan from which offer affordable data packages on reliable networks without long-term contracts or deposits required. Once purchased, an email is quickly sent with a QR code for activation. From there, surfing the high-speed network is just a scan away on your device after downloading the QR code, eliminating the hassle of changing physical SIM cards. It’s truly a seamless process to have cellular access while on the go thanks to this hassle-free solution of simply ordering and scanning to connect.

    Plan that may interest you

    Kazakhstan eSIM 7 Days Plan
    Kazakhstan eSIM 7 Days Plan
    From $5.00
    Kazakhstan eSIM 30 Days Plan
    Kazakhstan eSIM 30 Days Plan
    From $9.90

    XII. FAQs

    Does Beeline have 5G coverage in Kazakhstan?

    Not yet. As of 2022, Beeline is still expanding its 4G LTE network in Kazakhstan and has not launched a 5G service. 5G rollout is expected in the coming years.

    Can I use Beeline SIM cards in Kazakhstan and the USA?

    Beeline SIMs only provide coverage within Kazakhstan. For connectivity in the USA, you’d need a separate local SIM card or plan.

    Is Beeline GSM or CDMA?

    Beeline uses GSM technology for its mobile network in Kazakhstan which is compatible with most unlocked phones.

    Does Beeline throttle data speed after a limit?

    On unlimited data plans, speeds may be throttled after 10GB of usage each month down to 256kbps speeds.

    Are Beeline SIM cards prepaid or contract?

    Beeline sells prepaid SIMs with no contract required. All plans are pay-as-you-go.

    XIII. Final Words

    For travelers in Kazakhstan, Beeline SIM cards provide reliable connectivity at affordable rates. Their extensive nationwide network offers great coverage even in remote areas. Beeline eSIM makes connectivity even easier for iPhone users. Overall, Beeline Kazakhstan is a top choice for staying connected while exploring Kazakhstan.