Tele2 offers various Tele2 SIM cards and eSIM options for tourists. Check out this post to find out which plan is the best for your Kazakhstan trip.

Tele2 SIM Cards

I. Quick Facts about Tele2

Tele2 is a major telecommunications company in Kazakhstan and one of the three main mobile operators along with Beeline and Kcell. Here are some quick facts about Tele2 in Kazakhstan:

  • Founded: 1993 in Sweden; launched services in Kazakhstan in 2007 after acquiring K-Telecom.
  • Full Name: Tele2 Kazakhstan LLP
  • Services: Mobile & fixed telephony, mobile & fixed internet, digital TV
  • Subscribers: Around 7.5 million (estimated 45% market share as of 2022)
  • Coverage: 99% coverage for 2G and 85% for 3G & 4G
  • Network of Stores & Agents: Over 430 branded stores and 35,000 active dealers/agents across Kazakhstan

Tele2 is known for having the fastest 4G network and best coverage across Kazakhstan compared to other operators. It has positioned itself as a premium brand targeting professionals and businesses.

II. Why Tele2 When You’re Exploring Kazakhstan – Coverage and Speed

1. Tele2 Network Coverage in Kazakhstan

Tele2 Network Coverage in Kazakhstan
Tele2 Network Coverage in Kazakhstan. Source

Tele2 claims to have over 99% population coverage on 2G and over 85% population coverage on 3G and 4G across Kazakhstan. This makes its network accessible practically everywhere in the country, including major cities, small towns, highways, rural areas, and even remote mountain regions.

Some key aspects of Tele2’s network coverage in Kazakhstan:

  • LTE/4G is available in all major cities like Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Shymkent, Aktobe, Karaganda etc. 4G speeds range from 20-50 Mbps typically.
  • Extensive 3G/WCDMA coverage is present on most major highways connecting cities and towns. Speeds up to 42 Mbps supported.
  • 2G/GSM covers all small towns and villages. You can get service deep in the mountains too.
  • Tele2 uses 900 MHz and 1800 MHz bands for 2G GSM. 3G runs on 2100 MHz and 4G LTE on 800/1800/2600 MHz spectrum.
  • LTE-A and VoLTE services were also launched to enhance 4G data and voice calls.

So with Tele2, you don’t have to worry much about network availability when traveling across Kazakhstan. Coverage exists even along remote trekking routes and in national parks located in valleys between mountain ranges.

2. Tele2 Speed

In addition to coverage, Tele2 also consistently ranks as the fastest mobile network in Kazakhstan as per independent speed tests.

Some key speed metrics 💡

  • In cities, Tele2’s average 4G download speed is 35-40 Mbps. Peak speeds can touch 100 Mbps.
  • 3G speeds range from 6-15 Mbps normally in towns and rural areas.
  • Tele2 has the highest 4G and 3G speeds compared to Beeline and Kcell networks.
  • Excellent consistency in speed observed during daytime usage in congested areas too.

So with Tele2, you can expect fast enough mobile data almost everywhere in Kazakhstan to use maps, social media, stream videos and do video calls comfortably. Its low latency 4G network also suits online gaming.

III. Tele2 Connectivity Options for Travelers to Kazakhstan

Connectivity Option Pros Cons
Physical SIM Card Easy to obtain locally Must purchase before arrival
eSIM Can buy and activate online Requires eSIM compatible device
Tele2 Travel SIM No contract/commitment Limited data amounts included
Data eSIM Flexible data-only plans Cannot make calls/texts
Prepaid Local Number Includes calls/texts Higher upfront cost
Public WiFi Zones Free basic internet access Speed/reliability may vary
Mobile Hotspot Rental Shares internet with devices ‐ Daily/weekly rental fees
Home Internet WiFi Box High speed broadband connection Only for long term stays

In summary, the right option depends on a traveler's device, needs for calls/texts, how much data is needed, and whether purchased before or after arrival. Considering these factors helps choose the most suitable Tele2 solution for connectivity in Kazakhstan.

IV. Best Tele2 SIM Cards for Tourists & Cost

Plan Price (USD) Validity Data Voice Minutes SMS
Starter 6.30 30 days 1 GB 200 mins 100 SMS
All in One 15 15.75 30 days 5 GB Unlimited* Unlimited*
All in One 30 31.50 30 days 10 GB Unlimited* Unlimited*
All in One 60 63.00 30 days 15 GB Unlimited* Unlimited*

In short: 

  • The table compares 4 prepaid mobile plans offered by Tele2 in Estonia.
  • Plan prices range from $6.30 to $63 per month when converted to USD.
  • All plans are valid for 30 days.
  • Data allowances start at 1 GB for the lowest plan and go up to 15 GB for the top plan.
  • The higher priced plans offer unlimited minutes and SMS within Europe.
  • As the price increases, more data and call/SMS benefits are included.
  • Customers can select a plan based on their expected monthly usage and budget.

V. Does Tele2 Support eSIM in Kazakhstan?

Yes, Tele2 launched eSIM facility in 2019 for postpaid (contract) plans initially.

In 2022, it extended eSIM support for prepaid users too. So tourists visiting Kazakhstan can easily activate a Tele2 eSIM digitally and use it during their trip.

Some key facts about Tele2 eSIM in Kazakhstan:

  • eSIM works on both iPhone and Android phones (Samsung, Google Pixel etc)
  • Prepaid eSIM packages same as physical SIM
  • Turist and Super 0 eSIM plans available
  • eSIM can be purchased and activated online
  • Convenient for dual SIM phone users

So eSIM is a great option for using local data securely on your existing number. Activate it before your trip and land with connectivity ready!

Consider using an eSIM plan from #1 Kazakhstan eSIM provider – which offers diverse plans for any traveling goals, here’s what makes stand out:

  • Variety & Flexibility: Choose among a wide array of data packages that are suited to your goals.
  • Multiple Network Coverage: They take care of the technical aspects by collaborating with three main Kazakhstan mobile providers so that you get a fast and reliable connection during your trip smoothly and uninterrupted.
  • Top-notch Customer Service: They offer 24/7 customer support so you can get assistance if needed.
  • Affordable Prices: Their eSIMs are competitively priced, offering excellent value for money.

Find the best options for your upcoming trip below:

Plan that may interest you

Kazakhstan eSIM 7 Days Plan
Kazakhstan eSIM 7 Days Plan
From $5.00
Kazakhstan eSIM 30 Days Plan
Kazakhstan eSIM 30 Days Plan
From $9.90

VI. Where Can You Buy a Tele2 SIM Card and eSIM?

You can purchase a Tele2 SIM card or eSIM in Kazakhstan through the following channels:

1. Where to Buy Tele2 SIM cards in Kazakhstan?

Tele2 Stores

  • Find Tele2 branded stores in all major cities and airports
  • Wide range of prepaid plans and SIM sizes (regular, micro, nano)
  • Passport required for tourist SIM card

Authorized Dealers

  • Over 35,000 authorized retailers across Kazakhstan
  • Mostly small cell phone shops, kiosks and supermarkets
  • SIM cards readily available; passport needed

Almaty or Nur-Sultan Airport

  • Tele2 has counters at arrival areas of the two main airports
  • Pick up prepaid SIM card quickly after you land

Online on Website

  • Order SIM card online for delivery in Kazakhstan
  • Useful if you want it delivered to your hotel before arrival

So walk into any nearest Tele2 store or dealer outlet just like a local person and buy your preferred SIM card by showing your passport.

2. Where to Buy Tele2 eSIM in Kazakhstan?

Tele2 Website

  • Order eSIM online by selecting prepaid plan
  • Send digital QR code to activate on your phone
  • Completely app based process

Tele2 Mobile App

  • Download My Tele2 app on your phone
  • Register and login using passport
  • Order eSIM through app and activate it

Airalo eSIM App

  • Install Airalo app and book Tele2 Kazakhstan eSIM
  • Provides instant activation of eSIM via QR code

The online process is convenient for getting eSIM delivered remotely on your phone before arriving in Kazakhstan. No need to visit any physical store.

VII. How to Activate Tele2 SIM/eSIM in Kazakhstan?

Activating your Tele2 SIM cards or eSIM is very easy and quick in Kazakhstan.

1. How to Use the Tele2 SIM Card in Kazakhstan?

  • Buy preferred Tele2 prepaid SIM size
  • Insert SIM in your phone and power it on
  • It will auto-configure and activate within a minute
  • For Super 0 SIM, dial *110# to activate or use My Tele2 app

That’s it – your Tele2 SIM cards will connect to the network and start working.

You can make calls, send SMS and use mobile data immediately. Recharge the SIM as required during your trip via top-up cards or online payments.

2. How to Activate Tele2 eSIM?

Follow below simple steps to activate Tele2 eSIM on your phone:

  • Order Tele2 eSIM plan online and receive QR activation code
  • Scan QR code using phone’s camera to add eSIM profile
  • Follow on-screen instructions to complete activation
  • It will get automatically configured in a few seconds

If you face any issues, contact Tele2 support or visit nearest Tele2 store. Staff can assist in troubleshooting and activating eSIM.

VIII. Tele2 Call & SMS Rates

These are the call and SMS rates applicable on Tele2 prepaid SIM cards in Kazakhstan:

Call/SMS Type Rate (USD)
Local Calls  
Calls to Tele2 mobile numbers FREE
Calls to other local mobile numbers $0.00030
Calls to local landline phones $0.00030
Domestic Calls  
To mobile numbers on other networks $0.00030
To landline phones in Kazakhstan $0.00030
International Calls  
USA, Canada $0.00030
Europe $0.00070
Australia, Turkey $0.00090
Georgia, Kyrgyzstan $0.00040
Uzbekistan, Ukraine $0.00050
China, India $0.00020
Local SMS $0.00010
International SMS $0.00030

In short, the outgoing calls are charged in 60s increments. Incoming calls are free. These Tele2 call and SMS rates are very affordable in Kazakhstan. Do check unlimited bundles too.

IX. Useful USSD Codes for Tele2 SIM cards/eSIM

Useful USSD Codes for Tele2 SIM cards/eSIM
Tele2 Mobile Operator in Kazakhstan

Check below USSD codes to monitor usage or activate options on Tele2 SIM cards 🔎

  • *104# – Check main balance
  • *105# – Check bonus balance
  • *147# – Check data balance
  • *110# – Activate Super 0 SIM
  • *111# – Check Super 0 SIM info
  • *114# – Check SIM card number
  • *134# – Check SIM validity

Just dial the codes and press call. Info gets displayed on screen.

Some other handy codes 👉

  • *100# – SIM services menu
  • *101# – Customer support
  • *102# – Call forwarding
  • *135# – Voicemail

So USSD codes let you easily manage Tele2 SIM without installing any app.

X. How to Top-up Tele2 SIM/eSIM

You can recharge or top-up your Tele2 prepaid SIM/eSIM through various means:

Prepaid Top-up Cards

  • Denominations: 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 KZT
  • Sold at Tele2 stores, dealers, supermarkets
  • Scratch card to reveal recharge PIN
  • Dial 199# to activate top-up

Online Payments

  • Use My Tele2 app or website for instant recharge
  • International cards supported
  • Get bonus balance on online top-ups

Mobile Banking Apps

  • Pay via Halyk Bank, Kaspi Bank apps
  • Enter mobile number and recharge amount\n- Get confirmation SMS on completion

Over the Counter

  • Pay cash at Tele2 stores and receive recharge
  • Provides voucher with top-up PIN to activate

So you can easily add more validity, data, calls or SMS to Tele2 SIM via multiple recharge options. Auto-pay via apps is most convenient.

XI. Alternatives to Tele2

1. Other Main Local Mobile Operators

Though Tele2 is the best mobile network in Kazakhstan, you can also consider these alternatives:

  • Beeline – Second largest operator. Good in cities, less rural presence.
  • Kcell – State-owned operator. Decent coverage and speeds.
  • Kazakhtelecom – State-owned telco. Offers eSIM for tourists.

However, Tele2 overall remains the top choice for tourists due to its excellent coverage, high speeds and competitive pricing.

2. Buying an eSIM from

An easier way for Kazakhstan visitors is buying an eSIM plan from which is one of the leading eSIM providers in Kazakhstan. They offer eSIM plans with very cost-effective data packages without the need for users to commit to long contracts or pay deposits.

The purchase and activation process is seamless. Once a plan is bought, an email is instantly sent with a QR code. From then on, getting connected to the fast network is merely a matter of scanning this code on your compatible device after downloading it. This makes it very convenient to have cellular access while traveling, as there is no hassle switch physical SIM cards – simply ordering and scanning provides instant connectivity.

It is truly a smooth solution for getting online access while mobile through this straightforward purchase and installation procedure.

Skip the Roaming Surprise with

XII. FAQs about Tele2

Does Tele2 offer unlimited data packs?

Yes, Tele2 has daily and weekly unlimited data add-on packs. Like 1-day unlimited data costs 500 KZT.

Do Tele2 SIM cards work in Russia?

Tele2 has good roaming coverage in Russia. But charges are very high. Better to get local Russian SIM.

Where is Tele2 cheapest SIM card in Almaty?

Look for authorized resellers near Panfilov Park in Almaty. Rates are generally lower.

Does Tele2 SIM cards need registration?

No registration required for prepaid SIM cards. Just show passport when purchasing.

How can I track Tele2 data usage?

Dial *147# code to check consumed data balance. Or use My Tele2 app.

XIII. Final Words

To conclude, getting a Tele2 SIM card or eSIM is highly recommended when traveling to Kazakhstan. It provides excellent network coverage with high-speed 4G across the country. Their Turist and Super 0 prepaid plans offer great value with sufficient data, calls and SMS for short and long trips respectively. Online recharges are convenient to add more quotas as required. With widespread stores and partners, buying a Tele2 SIM is easy at good rates. Overall, Tele2 delivers the best connectivity experience across Kazakhstan.