Getting a working SIM card when you arrive at an airport in Kazakhstan is important for many travelers so that they can have cell phone access immediately upon arrival. This guide provides key information on buying SIM card at Kazakhstan airports

SIM card at Kazakhstan Airports

I. Which Airport in Kazakhstan Offers SIM Card for Tourists

The three main international airports in Kazakhstan that offer SIM cards for tourists are:

1. Almaty International Airport

Almaty International Airport (ALA) is the largest airport in Kazakhstan and offers a wide selection of SIM cards from the major mobile operators:

Where to Buy SIM Cards at Almaty Airport

  • Kcell Store – Located in the international arrivals area, offers prepaid and eSIM activation
  • Beeline Store – Also located in arrivals area, wide range of SIM card packages
  • Tele2 Store – Another option in the arrivals hall, often has promotions for tourists

The airport also has SIM vending machines in the baggage claim area so you can get connected quickly after arriving.

2. Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport

Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport

Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport (NQZ) serves the capital city Nur-Sultan and has several SIM card purchase options:

SIM Card Locations at Nursultan Airport

  • Kcell Store – Best prices on prepaid SIMs, located near Gate A
  • Beeline Store – Offers eSIM activation and has booths in both terminals
  • Tele2 – Typically has tourist friendly SIM card deals

There are also SIM vending machines throughout the airport.

3. Aktau International Airport

Aktau International Airport

For those traveling to the Caspian Sea region of Kazakhstan, Aktau International Airport (SCO) has:

  • Kcell Store – Smaller selection but can get a basic prepaid SIM
  • Beeline Kiosk – Provides standard SIM card packages, near the main hall

So in summary, all of Kazakhstan's major airports have multiple operator stores and kiosks that offer SIM cards with various data, call and text bundles. Almaty Airport generally has the widest selection.

II. Where to Buy Kazakhstan SIM Cards at Airports

When buying SIM card at Kazakhstan Airports, here are some tips on where to go:

  • Stores in Arrivals Area – Look for operator stores like Kcell, Beeline or Tele2 in the international arrivals hall, just after you pass through immigration. These will have the widest range of SIM card options.
  • Vending Machines – Most airports have automated SIM card vending machines which provide basic prepaid SIMs with standard amounts of data/voice/text. These are convenient but have limited plan options.
  • Departure Area Shops – If you miss purchasing a SIM on arrival, there are often operator shops airside in the departure halls as well that sell SIMs. Selection is usually smaller though than the arrival stores.
  • Hotel Shops – If your accommodation arranges an airport transfer, you may want to wait and buy a SIM at the hotel shop, which also carry a variety of SIM card packages.

So in summary, the arrival halls and dedicated operator stores offer the best experience for choosing the right SIM card before leaving the airport.

III. What to Prepare to Buy a SIM Card at Kazakhstan Airports

What to Prepare to Buy a SIM Card at Kazakhstan Airports

When purchasing SIM card at Kazakhstan airports, make sure you are prepared with:

Passport: In order to purchase any SIM card at Kazakhstan’s airport, you need your passport. You have to be mandatorily registered during new customers registration laws by the sales staff and passports passport details.

Unlocked Phone: You will have to unlock your phone if you want to put it in a local Kazakhstan SIM. Ensure that your device is unlocked from your home carrier prior to departing for travel.

Local Currency: The main currency of Kazakhstan is tenga(KZT). At times one can use credit cards while other times you only pay cash when buying SIM card on airports or stores.

Activation Details: The associate at the shop will assist in activating the service and allocating you a new local phone number when you have bought your SIM. Make sure you ask them if the device operates well before going home.

eSIM Compatible Phone: Your phone must provide eSIM support for this purpose. The operator’s app is also necessary for activating such a service. many of today’s iPhones as well as new generations of Samsung or Google phones are eSIM compatible.

So in summary, the arrival halls and dedicated operator stores offer the best experience for choosing the right SIM card before leaving the airport.

IV. Kazakhstan eSIM – an Alternative to Airport SIM Card

In addition to physical SIM cards, some providers in Kazakhstan like Beeline and Tele2 offer eSIM (electronic SIM cards) as well. With an eSIM, digital SIM profile is downloaded to your phone instead of inserting a plastic SIM.

Advantages of eSIM

  • Don’t have to locate a physical SIM card when you land
  • Can activate service with provider’s app instead of visiting store
  • Easy to switch plans or operators by downloading another eSIM profile

If you want the convenience and flexibility of an electronic SIM (eSIM) for your travels to Kazakhstan, I recommend considering the options from, which is part of the GIGAGO network. With an eSIM, you download a digital profile to your eSIM-compatible phone instead of inserting a physical SIM card.


While eSIM provides greater flexibility, your phone must support it and activating the eSIM may require a bit more effort. For casual travelers, a regular physical SIM from a store is usually simplest. However, if you travel to Kazakhstan frequently or between countries often, an eSIM from could save time and hassle long-term.


Do I need to show passport/visa when buying SIM card at Kazakhstan airports?

Yes, your passport is required by law during new SIM registration.

How long does it take to activate a SIM card at Kazakhstan airports?

Activation at the airport shop is immediate once details entered into system. Overall process takes about 10-15 minutes.

Can I use a Kazakhstan SIM card in other countries?

Local Kazakhstan SIMs only work domestically. But some providers offer travel SIMs valid throughout Central Asia. Check with your operator.

How can I check remaining data or minutes balance?

Dial *105# to check your SIM card balance and usage. The info will be sent by text message.

Do Kazakhstan SIM cards work with dual SIM phones?

Yes, you can use a Kazakhstan SIM in either SIM slot on dual SIM devices. Both can be active simultaneously.

VI. Conclusion

Buying a SIM card at Kazakhstan airports is straightforward and ensures you have cell phone access right away on arrival. The major airports all have multiple operator shops and kiosks selling SIMs with flexible data, calling and SMS bundles to suit your needs. Be prepared with an unlocked phone, passport and local currency.

For frequent travelers, eSIM offers added flexibility but requires a compatible device and additional setup. Overall, purchasing a local SIM card on the ground upon arrival remains the simplest option for staying connected in Kazakhstan.