Currently, major mobile network operators like Kcell, Tele2, Beeline provides excellent voice and data services throughout the nation. The vast array of Kazakhstan mobile operators may confuse you in order to choose the best. This article will present in-depth information about all mobile network providers in Kazakhstan and suggest how to choose the most suitable one.

Kazakhstan Mobile Operators

I. List of Mobile Operators in Kazakhstan

1. Main Kazakhstan Mobile Operators

There are three major mobile network operators in Kazakhstan:

Operator Year Launched Ownership No. of Subscribers
Beeline  1998 VEON (Previously VimpelCom) Over 9 million
Kcell 1998 Kazakhstan Telecom JSC Around 7 million
Tele2 2002 Kazakhtelecom Over 4 million

The three major mobile operators – Beeline, Kcell and Tele2 – collectively form the backbone of the telecom sector in Kazakhstan. Combined, they account for well over 99% of mobile subscribers across the country, cementing their grip on the vast bulk of the market. Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) in Kazakhstan

2. Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) in Kazakhstan

Here are some MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators) in Kazakhstan with short descriptions:

  • Izi (Base network: Beeline) – One of the largest MVNOs in Kazakhstan, utilizes Beeline’s network infrastructure. Offers affordable plans.
  • Altel (Base network: Kcell) – Formerly known as Dalacom, uses Kcell’s network. Was non-active but has since resumed operations.
  • Tele24 (Base network: Kcell) – Utilizes Kcell’s network coverage. Was non-active but may have resumed operations by another owner/brand.
  • Kazakhtelecom MVNO (Base network: Kcell) – An MVNO of the major telecom provider Kazakhtelecom, uses Kcell’s network access. Status unclear if still operational.
  • Beeline MVNO (Base network: Beeline)– A potential MVNO brand owned by Beeline to offer virtual plans on its own network. Details scarce if this was ever launched.

The MVNOs allow mobile virtual operators to offer differentiated plans and brands while utilizing the infrastructure of major network providers in Kazakhstan like Beeline, Kcell and Tele2. Some MVNOs have been inactive but others continue serving customers.

II. How to Choose the Best Mobile Operator in Kazakhstan

How to Choose the Best Mobile Operator in Kazakhstan

Selecting best mobile operator in Kazakhstan.
When choosing Kazakhstan mobile operators, some key criteria to consider include:
Network coverage — Choosing a carrier having good all-around signal and signal that is particularly strong in selected areas.
Data allowanve: Offered monthly data usage limit, speed, incentives and plan details comparison for data allowance, speed).
Call and SMS packages : Plans with checkered call minutes and SMS included, check on rates for external bundles.
International calls – Charges for calling numbers that are outside the country and any partnership agreements existing with foreign networks.
Handset selection – considering the existing handsets and the discounts on contracting with various contract terms.

For tourists visiting the country, it would be best to opt for a prepaid SIM card from any of the major operators. This provides flexible usage without a long commitment, international roaming support and the freedom to switch operator if needed based on required coverage in different areas.

III. Best Kazakhstan Mobile Operators – Detailed Comparison

Operator Market Share Bandwidth Coverage 4G Coverage Objects of Use Average Monthly Price (USD)
Beeline ~35% Up to 150 Mbps Nationwide coverage Covers major cities and towns Calls, texts, data, content $10-15
Kcell ~35% Up to 100 Mbps Wide coverage across country Extensive 4G in urban areas Calls, texts, data, content, banking $10-15
Tele2 ~30% Up to 50 Mbps Covers major population areas Rolling out 4G gradually Focus on SIM-only data plans $5-10

In summary:

The first among these is definitely Beeline and Kcell having approximately 35% of the total market share. They provide the largest national three G coverage, as well as the most widespread four G network in big towns. The bandwidth speeds can go up to 150Mbps for Beeline and 100Mbps for KuCell. All from an SMS or phone call to content, financial transactions, among others. The second one involves pricing which is also not expensive and competing within the industry.

It caters for about thirty percent of the telecommunication users with its data only SIM cards. Compared to Beeline and Kcell, Q-cell is the cheapest and with the least coverage across. Its bandwidth is 50Mbps and it is in the process of deploying its 4G network coverage. This type of coverage centers around major urban areas.

Therefore, regarding coverage, speeds, as well as the offerings, Beeline and Kcell lead whereas Tele2 is cheaper, but its limited coverage does not beat the first two.

IV. Where to Buy SIM Card from Kazakhstan Mobile Operators?

Where to Buy SIM Card from Kazakhstan Mobile Operators?

It is easy to get a local SIM card from Kazakhstan mobile operators. Here are some options:

  • Visit the nearest branded store or service center of the mobile operator. Carry your passport for verification.
  • Head to partner retailer shops and major malls where prepaid SIM cards are easily available.
  • Order online on the operator’s website and get home delivery in select cities.
  • In airports, SIM cards from all major providers are available at arrival halls and counters.
  • Pick a SIM at convenience store chains like Magnum, Yorsan and Halyk Market which have operator tie-ups.

When buying a SIM card, ensure it comes with initial prepaid credit balance. Top-up can be done digitally via apps, websites or physical recharge cards.

V. Do Mobile Operators in Kazakhstan Offer eSIM?

eSIM technology is still in its nascent stages in Kazakhstan. As of now, only Beeline provides eSIM facilities for compatible devices from Apple, Google, Samsung and Motorola. Its eSIM app allows digital activation of plans without physical SIM.

Other operators like Kcell and Tele2 still do not offer eSIM activation and require standard physical SIM cards. But they are expected to launch eSIM services for postpaid users in near future as more smartphone models support the technology.

For now, Beeline remains the sole provider of eSIM services in Kazakhstan. But competition will heat up as more operators jump on the eSIM bandwagon.

Kazakhstan eSIM - Alternative to Physical SIM Cards

A better choice is purchasing a small eSIM plan from One of the great advantages of is being able to buy a plan online at any time from anywhere. Upon purchase, the QR code is instantly emailed. Scanning this immediately connects your eligible device to GIGAGO‘s high-speed network.

There is no need for additional payments or deposits. Using eSIM now provides quality network coverage and affordable plans. It’s a convenient choice for traveling within Kazakhstan or abroad. Just order the plan you need, get connected with a simple QR code scan, and enjoy reliable internet access wherever you are.


Q: Which mobile operator has the widest coverage in Kazakhstan?

Beeline has the most extensive 2G/3G/4G coverage across all regions of Kazakhstan.

Q: Which operator has the fastest 4G speeds?

Beeline and Kcell offer the fastest 4G/LTE speeds averaging around 15-20 Mbps.

Q: Which is the most affordable operator for prepaid users?

Beeline has the cheapest prepaid plans starting with $5-10

Q: Does any operator offer 5G service yet?

As of 2023, 5G networks have not been launched yet by any provider in Kazakhstan. Roll out is expected to start in 2024.

VII. Final Words

Kazakhstan’s mobile market has expanded rapidly, providing excellent coverage and fast speeds even in remote areas. Beeline stands out as the best overall operator thanks to its wide network, affordable voice and data rates, great roaming deals and accessible customer service. However, Kcell and Tele2 also have their strengths and remain popular choices. Assess your specific usage needs and location to pick the operator that serves you the best. With growing competition, mobile services will only get faster and cheaper for customers in Kazakhstan.